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About Us!

Antigua’s native ‘Dadli Dogs’ are born survivors. Life on the streets can be tough and they’ve learned to be hardy. Sadly, there are many who desperately need our help. For more than two decades, charity Protect Antiguan Animals with a Smile - PAAWS has provided a safe haven for neglected, abused, injured and abandoned dogs and cats.
Our shelter and rehoming centre in Parham, a haven to over 80 dogs and cats, has found forever homes for almost 2,000 animals over the years. But with no government funding, our dedicated and hard-working team relies entirely on donations to continue our work.


Dadli Dogs make excellent pets because they’re naturally affectionate, loyal and smart. 
Support PAAWS - and make a Dadli Dog smile.
Fully licensed by Dog Registration and Control Authority. Registered Charity March 1996

PAAWS gives priority care to abandoned, neglected, and/or abused animals. Hosted animals become socialised, leash trained, loved and familiar with a home and yard setting. They receive their vaccinations and, if 5 months or older, are spayed or neutered before being re-homed only to safe and caring homes. At 6 months and older, dogs are micro-chipped according to law.

Paintings by Ronald's Art Studio, Antigua

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