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Boggy Peak Raised $15,000​​​​

Open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm - Please call

+1 268 561 1484

  • FUNDRAISER UPDATE!!!  Saturday 4th July a group of PAAWS supporters did a fundraising hike to the top of Boggy Peak, Antigua's highest point!  Each hiker asked people to sponsor them to raise some money for the shelter in these much needed times. Some hikers turned up on the day of the hike and made a donation to PAAWS.   We raised a massive $15,000.00 ECD!!!! We could not of done this without our local and overseas sponsors.  The hikers friends and families gave very generously! Trust me this was a difficult hike.......We hope to make this an annual event.

  • The Shelter is open on an appointment basis to the public from 10am - 12 Noon Monday to Saturday.  We can not accept groups of people but for adoptions or a visit please call the shelter or contact us through our contact page to make an appointment.

  • Bingo nights will resume once we are through the crisis!

Cat of the month


This is Wink,  He's a beautiful Tabby

Dog of the Month


Meet Bambi.  He's a lovely friendly dog with plenty of energy!

Available for Adoption
Available for Adoption
​$75 ECD Antigua Spay & Neuter
for Cats and Dogs!
To help fight the overpopulation, Antigua Spay and Neuter assist in getting your animals fixed by offering this amazing price for a Wednesday. 


Tel: +1 2687883647

Bingo Fun 

Once the Pandemic is manageable we will update!

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